Healthcare Company Solves their Entry Woes

When a global healthcare company needed to change their item structures in QAD, they had a daunting task. They went from 6 to 40 product lines in a short amount of time and needed to assign general ledger account codes to all these items. This necessitated a significant number of entries in QAD’s Inventory Account Management module. Their broad mix of markets and variety of situations—consignments, loans, locations, and types of payments—made the process complex.

The Customer Service reps were assigned with the task, but they weren’t familiar with the nuances of assigning general ledger codes and were making errors in their manual entries. At the same time, the CSRs were busy trying to get needed medical equipment to clients and tend to other client needs. The company could quickly see they needed another solution, but most of the options they looked at would require some technical expertise and require more training than they could devote.

Around the same time, the company was switching from QAD SE to QAD EE, which would require additional changes to data through Inventory Accounts.

When they introduced 32 Soft’s Inventory Account Data Loader, their problems were solved. Using the Data Loader, they were able to download their Inventory Account data into easy-to-use Excel spreadsheets and quickly make mass changes to their items and GL accounts. Then, they could safely upload their modified data right into QAD.

They could also switch between domains within the Data Loaders and copy data from one domain to another in minutes! The Data Loaders come pre-loaded with genuine QAD logic validation and are designed so that no partial upload is ever allowed, so they were assured that their modified and new data was clean.

The company now uses eleven Data Loaders regularly. They like that they can test the software in their environment before they purchase, the fact that the Loaders require little training or set up, and the quick return on investment.

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