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Auto-Populate Pivot Tables from QAD—FREE

Our Pivot Populator automatically fills in your pivot tables with real-time QAD data so you can provide those custom reports with speed and agility.

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Automate your Supplier Schedule Distribution

Save precious staff time and get your QAD Supplier Schedules into the hands of your suppliers more quickly! This application will help your staff avoid errors and significantly reduce distribution time and cost.

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Get GL transactions from QAD the pain-free way

With the QAD record restrictions, you can spend hour after mind-numbing hour getting a file ready for the auditor. It is not only an exasperating waste of time and resources, it keeps you from more interesting and productive work.

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Get rid of record locks forever

A FREE lock utility that gives you all the information you need to pinpoint the source of your record lock problem.

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Auto-Invoice for QAD

Auto-Invoice not only saves time and the cost of printing, envelopes and postage, it also gets your invoices into your customers’ hands more quickly and can help improve your cash flow!

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