Data Loaders Do Double (and Triple) Duty

Isn’t it a welcome surprise when you find that a tool you use every day can also make quick work of rarely-done, time-intensive tasks? That’s exactly what yet another of our Data Loader clients has found!

A company that uses our Data Loaders on a day-to-day basis to manage BOMs and product structures recently discovered a whole new use when they had to synchronize offerings across international QAD domains on three continents.

With plants in North America, Europe and Asia, each entity had a separate QAD database and complete autonomy over its maintenance. There were even different versions of QAD running at the different plants. New company-wide products and product structures demanded that thousands of new BOMs needed to be created and synchronized among the various QAD systems.

The fastest way to accomplish this turned out to be 32 Soft’s Data Loaders. In a short amount of time, they were able to create the thousands of new BOMs they needed and then simply download that information from one system and upload to another!

You can read more about how another 32 Soft client, Art’s Way, found that Data Loaders saved the day for them in ways not imagined!

Have you discovered innovative ways to use your Data Loaders? If so, let us know.