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What is LBOX?

What is LBOX? It automatically converts ERP reports into PDF or Excel documents and distributes to designated group or recipients or individuals via email.

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Data Loaders

Data Loaders are excellent tools to manage ERP data massively. Create or update thousands of records in convenient Excel template.

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Item Master Data Management

The item maser is the bedrock of any ERP system . It contains all the information that identifies, describes, categorizes, and controls the defined item or service in ERP. Here is what you should know about item or part numbers: The item data is stored in a master record. It may be physically distributed across many locations, but […]

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Implement Auto Invoice in QAD

Stop wasting time with manual invoicing, replace it with Auto-Invoice where generated invoices immediately emailed to customers. Avoid errors, reduce invoicing time and cost. Implement it completely by yourself or with help from consultants.

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QAD Shop Floor Control Presentation

Don Lindsey covers several aspects of Work Orders and Shop Floor Control from WO creation to release, from component issue and Back Flush to Labor application and Work Order Analysis. He briefly covers Repetitive Setup and Processing, as well as highlights of Kanban processing. Since in the future Operations within QAD WIP will be the […]

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QAD Tutorials

Welcome to EDU 32- free educational resource for QAD End Users. Learn how you can best use QAD ERP to work with the unique complexities of your enterprise. Large variety of topics ranging from MRP/DDMRP to Inventory Control, Accounting/Variances and more. Our team of highly experienced and knowledgeable professionals offers you their invaluable insight into […]

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QAD Customer Price Lists Maintenance menu is very flexible, capable to accommodate virtually any pricing scheme you need. However the data maintenance is tricky, especially when it comes to managing large datasets. Some QAD users decide to store customer pricelist outside of the system which creates even bigger problems. Our Customer Price Lists Data Loader […]

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Build Achievable Production Schedule in QAD

There are many constrains to take into account: material shortages, production capacity, crew size, calendar, shared tool sets, etc. How to you optimize the use of resources? Watch this video to learn how to improve process of building or managing Production Schedules. An effective production planning and scheduling is critical to the productivity and efficiency […]

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Uncover and Eliminate Variances Before Closing Work Orders

Accountants know how difficult it is to correct Variances once WO Accounting Closing is done in QAD. Learn how to Uncover and Eliminate Variances before closing Work Orders. Simplify your accounting process at month-end with WO Closing Dashboard.

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QAD Qxtend Alternative

What are the differences between QAD’s QXtend (QXtend Excelerator) and 32 Soft’s Data Loaders. Both are designed to process inbound transactions into the QAD ERP System but they do have different ways in which they interact with your QAD system. Depending on the purpose, you can implement QXtend solutions or Data Loaders — or you may […]

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