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32 Soft’s Data Loaders allow you to download your QAD data into easy-to-use Excel spreadsheets where you can make massive changes and upload them safely back to QAD. Find out more about what makes Data Loaders the perfect solution for QAD data management!

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We have dozens of DATA LOADER modules for every major QAD data management process:
Master Data & Inventory Distribution & Supply Chain
Finance Production
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Webinar: QAD Variances—Why Accounting’s Upset
Wednesday, June 19, 1pm EDT
Cost Accountants keep a close eye on production variances and red flags go up when variances become unreasonably high. Not only does this threaten profitability, but it can also be time-consuming for the accounting staff who have to dig deep to uncover the reasons. In this webinar, Don Lindsey will give accounting and non-accounting folks an overview of the different types of variances and how QAD processes data for variance reporting.
Watch one of our 45+ past webinars on a variety of topics!
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The Do’s and Don’ts of Forecasting
Recently, MRP specialist Don Lindsey presented a webinar, Forecasting—What Does the Future Hold? This infographic was inspired by Don’s presentation.
New! Data Visualization & Your Production Schedule
Find out why we added new graphical views to our Production Planner Plus Data Loaders.
Case Study: Capital Safety’s Master Schedulers Manage Growth Like Champs!
“Since we adopted these tools, we’ve had double digit sales increases year after year, but we’ve not had the need to increase our headcount. And, we all enjoy a great work/life balance now.” — Moggie Brady, Supply Chain & Materials Process Leader at Capital Safety