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32 Soft’s Data Loaders allow you to download your QAD data into easy-to-use Excel spreadsheets where you can make massive changes and upload them safely back to QAD. Find out more about what makes Data Loaders the perfect solution for QAD data management!

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We have dozens of DATA LOADER modules for every major QAD data management process:
Master Data & Inventory Distribution & Supply Chain
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Forecasting—What Does the Future Hold?
Wednesday, October 17, 1pm EST
Are your customers are willing to wait for every needed process from the time they place the order to the time they receive it? Of course, not! So, you will need to forecast some, if not all of your demand. In this webinar, you’ll learn about both different forecasting techniques and the specific forecasting tools in QAD that will help you through the process.
Production Capacity Planning and QAD: What You Need to Know
Wednesday, November 14, 1pm EST
Build capacity planning knowledge as Don Lindsey takes you through the fundamentals. You’ll learn about production planning at the family and group level, the interaction of SIOP and capacity planning, how to use rough-cut capacity planning at the Master Scheduling level, and more!
MWUG Fall 2018
Sep 16-18, 2018 Cleveland, OH
Understanding Production Capacity in QAD
Monday, Sep 17, 4:00 pm

Don Lindsey will guide your understanding of capacity planning from its interaction with SIOP through production planning at the family or group level, to the use of rough cut capacity planning at the Master Scheduling level, and more.

Pain-Free from Launch to End-of-Life:
Managing the Product Life Cycle
Tuesday, Sep 18, 8:30 am

Lance McKeown, TS Tech USA, knows the amount of work that goes into a new product launch — the planning parameters for ramp-up, full production and eventually, product end-of-life. Lance will join Nancy McCrimmon to show how 32 Soft technology took the pain out of new product launches and made quick work of managing changes throughout the product’s lifecycle.

WECUG Fall 2018
Oct 22-23, 2018 Santa Barbara, CA
MRP as a Planning Tool in QAD
Don Lindsey will introduce the MRP concepts of netting logic and the elements required to run MRP: inventory, product structure and item planning data. He’ll cover independent vs. dependent demand, MRP prerequisites, MRP calculations, MRP order types, and more, and demonstrate how these concepts relate to QAD planning data elements.

QAD Tools for the Lean & Nimble Enterprise
Find out how Walbro has eliminated bottle-necks, saved hundreds of man-hours, and increased profitability while equipping their staff with the ability to quickly react to customer needs. Using the right tools for QAD, they shattered the pain chain in the areas of master data maintenance, inventory control, production and planning, supply chain management, and compliance.

Watch one of our 45+ past webinars on a variety of topics!
Case Study: Capital Safety’s Master Schedulers Manage Growth Like Champs!
“Since we adopted these tools, we’ve had double digit sales increases year after year, but we’ve not had the need to increase our headcount. And, we all enjoy a great work/life balance now.” — Moggie Brady, Supply Chain & Materials Process Leader at Capital Safety