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32 Soft’s Data Loaders allow you to download your QAD data into easy-to-use Excel spreadsheets where you can make massive changes and upload them safely back to QAD. Find out more about what makes Data Loaders the perfect solution for QAD data management!

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We have dozens of DATA LOADER modules for every major QAD data management process:
Master Data & Inventory Distribution & Supply Chain
Finance Production
News & Events
Webinar: Get a Better View of Production Resources & Schedules
Wednesday, February 13, 1pm EST
We’ve added new functionality to our popular Production Planning Data Loader! Be among the first to see how the new graphical format gives you an additional way to view and interpret your production schedule that will help you recognize resource shortages and scheduling conflicts and respond quickly and efficiently.
Watch one of our 45+ past webinars on a variety of topics!
Presentations: MWUG Spring Conference
Shop Floor Control: Where is That Work Order?
Monday, March 18, 2:30pm Dearborn, MI
Don Lindsey will cover several aspects of Work Orders and Shop Floor Control from WO creation, to Release, to Component issue and Back Flush, to Labor application, to Work Order Analysis and Control, and more.
From Chaos to Control: How Two Companies Overcame Their Beasts
Tuesday, March 19, 11:15am Dearborn, MI
Modular Assembly Innovations (MAI) and Kauffman Engineering both had areas in their enterprises that were chaos points until they discovered how to keep their cool with the help of 32 Soft’s Data Loader technology. Lori Braun’s team at Modular Assembly Innovations now manage the frequency of pricing changes from their automotive OEM like champs and David McCloskey’s group at Kauffman Engineering now deliver real-time order information that keeps their production floor on schedule.
Case Study: Capital Safety’s Master Schedulers Manage Growth Like Champs!
“Since we adopted these tools, we’ve had double digit sales increases year after year, but we’ve not had the need to increase our headcount. And, we all enjoy a great work/life balance now.” — Moggie Brady, Supply Chain & Materials Process Leader at Capital Safety