Triple 3X user productivity managing QAD ERP data
Eliminate manual workarounds, duplication, discrepancies
Accelerate ERP information flow to get orders shipped on time

Our market is manufacturers, who run an ERP system called QAD, who want to do more with less, increase productivity, improve, automate or eliminate processes. Who want Instant Massive Results, managing thousands of Pricelists, Forecast, Schedule, Purchase Orders, Sales Orders, Work Orders, Journal Entries, Budget, BOM’s, Routings.

Get easy-to-use software tools for your QAD users, who should not be computer experts executing complicated business processes quickly, accurately and risk free, and without IT people helping them.

Try 32 Soft products for free and enjoy the immediate results you want: quick and accurate data management practice, precise business decisions, tripled productivity, wise use of resources, efficient production planning and execution, waste and discrepancy elimination, improved on-time delivery rates!

Located in Ontario, Canada, diverse in skill sets and backgrounds, we are offering long term partnership to QAD User companies across North America since 2001.